Using SEO to Boost Revenue for Your Restaurant (Global)

Running a restaurant anywhere in the world has to be one of the most stressful jobs around.

Consistency of customer service and the quality of the food they serve is paramount. One mess up and a picky eater could leave a negative review online.

Making sure customers are coming in to dine and phone calls are being generated for delivery, take out, or Uber Eats, Delivery Dudes, or GrubHub adds to the stress of being a restaurant owner or general manager.

Customers want to see an active online presence for restaurants.

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Are you posting images to your local listings?

Are you utilizing available social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to share your restaurant specials?

Did you know that #PinterestSEO is a great way to build authority to your website and social media profiles?

Are you posting consistently on your Google My Business listing?

What are customers saying about your business online? Do you even check?

How Can SEO Increase Revenue?

A better positioned website on Google and an optimized Google listing can potentially drive 20–30% up to 50% or more of the entire monthly searches for keywords related to restaurants in your local city.

Companies that are proactively using all forms of digital marketing, can see a higher return of repeat customers that are engaged with social media or leaving online reviews.

Website traffic can lead users into your restaurant, where your staff can start the process of providing a good, memorable service.

Why? So the customers leaves an online review. In a well positioned SEO marketing campaign, your customer becomes your sales person.

It takes a consistent SEO Strategy to get your “SEO Garden” growing.

Positioning your website online to get more traffic will give your restaurant more opportunities to be found but also a chance to show the digital world what and how your food looks like. Let’s get right into a few easy, actionable tips any manager or restaurant owner can follow or hire an SEO Company like ilocal SEO (305) 239–8505.

SEO Tips for Restaurants :

  1. Claim, verify, and fill out your Google My Business listing. If you see reviews, make sure to answer them. Upload your daily specials through an image and copy via Google Posts. Post daily for the best chance at being found online locally. Use #hashtags in the first 100 characters. To start the process of verifying your listing please visit this Google link.
  2. Schema code added to the website with local business schema for . restaurants. Also, add sameAs schema to allow Google to make the connection between your social media profiles and brand online. Here is the link to the Schema website to learn about the #RestaurantSchema. There are free schema tools out there and we personally use this one from MicroDataGenerator.
  3. Data Aggregators can be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get your Business NAP out there online consistently. Submitting your data will list your business on some important business listings and citations included in the cost of a data aggregator license. For $20 USD you can verify your FourSquare listing and power a few of the top local SEO listings. Check out local ecosystem image from Whitespark at the bottom of this post.

For more actionable SEO tips for restaurants and any general business that would like to receive more website traffic through Organic Searches and Local Searches on Google, please visit our SEO Blog Post titled, “8 Quick and Easy SEO Tips for Restaurants.

Contact ilocal SEO at (305) 239–8505 for more information on our Restaurant SEO Services or visit us online to schedule a complimentary 30 minute #SEOConsultation

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