Questions to Ask Your Potential SEO Client

For the last 10 years as an SEO consultant for the digital marketing world and manufacturing industries, you start to learn and see digital marketing as a set of patterns.

For the manufacturing industry you realize that it is an old industry that use dated websites (non-responsive) and generally do not have much of an appreciation for digital marketing in general.

There are certain industries (or executives) that just don’t understand the importance of being found online and will continue to neglect an active online presence (and sales).

Other industries have tried to use digital marketing as a way to generate sales to increase the bottom line but have failed. They failed because they did not fully grasp the importance of an integrated approach to digital marketing.

Other times the marketing department didn’t grasp why having an SEO optimized website would increase sales so they kept pushing off building a new website.

A lot of times a company would be proactive and hire a digital marketing firm. These digital marketing firms had good intentions in helping their clients achieve better rankings and generate more sales online.

Sometimes these very said marketing firms would outsource their work overseas to trim costs and increase profits.

Nothing wrong with outsourced workers but you need to be sure they understand your industry / market and can implement / execute the instructions you provide them.


A lot of times these outsourced workers would not really understand the complexity of the American business sector or not really know what to do in terms of SEO, so they’d build shitty links that would eventually get your manufacturing website penalized.

These companies that were proactive and spent advertising money on digital marketing services only to get nothing out of it, become very weary when the next digital marketing agency comes by with an SEO “pitch”.

You see, a lot of companies in the past have either tried to do digital marketing themselves or got burned in the past by a digital agency.

The most important thing in an SEO campaign is to have a strategy that is unique to your business, industry, location, and budget.

Consultative Approach to SEO

Chemistry is important when it comes to anything in life and is ever so important when fostering a business relationship.

Being honest, direct, and having clear set expectations are all important in longterm business relationships and clients.

So before on boarding an SEO client we like to have a discovery meeting and present our findings from our “Free SEO Audit”.

We sit down (or through Skype or Video) and truly learn about their business needs, pains, wishes (wave your magic wand), and other fact-finding, “investigative” approach-like questions and answers session.

Below is a sample list of the questions we ask potential clients —

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Take a Moment & Think About The Following Questions Below:

  • What is your overall business goal in 2017? The next 5 years?
  • How much did your business generate in 2016? Revenue goals for 2017?
  • How does your business plan on reaching that revenue target?
  • What is your current top marketing channel in terms of revenue?
  • What products or services is your top seller? In terms of margins?
  • Does your business have a digital strategy? A marketing strategy?
  • Do you have a website and if so, how old is your domain?
  • Does your website look the same on PC, smartphones, tablets?
  • How are you tracking where the leads and calls are coming from?
  • When was the last time you had your website update or refreshed?
  • How many Google indexed pages does your website have?
  • Do you know how many Top 20 keywords on Google you rank for?
  • Is Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools installed and tracking data?
  • Are you blogging, if so, how many blog posts per month?
  • What % of your customers are local and come from a 3–15 mile radius?
  • Do you have your Google My Business account setup?
  • Are you being shown on Google Maps?
  • Are you listed on data aggregators like Factual, Axciom, or Foursquare?
  • How are your competitors doing online?


This process can take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours depending on the industry, your goals you want to achieve, and your overall understanding of your business metrics.

Other times if we are not able to travel to your business onsite (most of our business is in Miami / South Florida), we send you our “SEO — Fact Finding Q/A” form and you are able to fill it out. This saves time and lets our clients truly think about their business without a time constraint.

In certain cases, if the client allows us to take a peek “under their hood” it allows us to gain a much better understanding of their online metrics (Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools) and who / where the majority of their traffic is coming from.

Using the previous “fact-finding” answers along with a clients website data, we start to see patterns through either where their online traffic is coming from and also what keywords are generating the most traffic.

Through the research provided, we are able to formulate an investment scenario as to what is the best possible SEO campaign for your business.

Depending on your digital marketing budget, an SEO campaign can include a variety of digital marketing tactics:

  • Responsive Website
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content Marketing (Monthly Blogging)
  • Local Business Listings / Data Aggregators
  • Google My Business / Google Maps Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing (Management / Pay Per Click)

To make the most out of your digital marketing budget it is important to see how each digital tactic plays a part in your total integrated marketing strategy. This is for another blog post at another time.

If you’d like to learn more about how ilocal SEO can helps build enterprise value to your manufacturing business please call 305.239.8505 or visit our website and fill out the form —

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