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Mobile SEO for Your Small Business

When was the last time you looked at your smartphone?

5 seconds ago?
5 minutes ago?
50 minutes ago?

Market research shows that the average consumer touches their smartphone about 2,617 times a day. The extreme users touch their smartphones more than 5,400 times a day! It comes out to about 109 times per hour on the low side or 225 times per hour on the high side.

The potential for small business owners to tap into this massive search opportunity through mobile devices is important for brands that are looking to increase their leads and in 2020.

Does Your Business Have a Mobile SEO Strategy?

With Google constantly making changes to their algorithm for both desktop and mobile; it’s important to make sure your SEO initiatives align with a mobile devices.

So What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is short for “mobile search engine optimization” and it is the process of optimizing your website and content to achieve better rankings for your website on mobile devices.

is part on page SEO and off page SEO. Google owns about 95% of the mobile search market and continues to own the “map searches” with their Google Maps product.

As more and more people use their smartphones as their primary device for searches, mobile has overtaken desktop as the defacto number one tool for searches.

Since Google switched to a mobile first index, it’s now even more important that the content of your website is geared towards mobile devices and smartphones. It’s important to think about how fast your website loads and the way your content looks like through smartphones.

In 2012, Google wrote a groundbreaking article called the ZMOT (). The ZMOT basically refers to the “aha” moment in the buying cycle when a consumers starts to research a product, often before the seller even knows that these customer exist.

Mobile devices are the epitome of the ZMOT as searches can occur anywhere — in a car, on the couch, at the office — anywhere. The number of consumer who are researching a product or service on the web prior to purchasing, continues to rise every year since 2012.

Mobile devices and smartphones are a unique opportunity for any business to intersect their brand with searches on mobile devices.

If your website isn’t ranking well on mobile searches, there is a good chance your website isn’t ranking on desktop searches. Your website might not actually being shown locally.

It’s important to rank for local searches. Mobile helps to drive pre-sale searches.

It’s easier for a consumer to “consume” video reviews on products / services through YouTube on their iPhone or Android devices. Consumers are adding searches for the words, “near me, nearby, and close by” into Google to find the closest available business or service.

If people are searching to buy your products or services, your website should be optimized for those searches that will lead those consumers back to your website to get them to convert as a sale.

How To Optimize Your Website for Mobile Searches

Making sure your website is optimized for the mobile experience is important. One quick ways to leverage Google Analytics for mobile SEO, is to increase your dwell time (time spent on your website) by increasing the speed of your website.

Website Page Speed

A high percentage (>50%) of consumers will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Increasing your mobile page speed will make a consumers experience as seamless as possible. They Google something, find your business, clicks on it, and now are on your website; customers expect this to happen fast — 1 to 2 seconds is what they expect.

There are many different tools that will show you how fast your website speed is and Google’s page speed insights is an industry standard.

Most websites that have slow website speed suffer from HUGE images that slow down your website, bloated code that can easily be minified through compression that reduces the number of page requests, better website hosting, and using caching to serve your web pages faster.

Mobile Responsive Website

This is a no brainer in 2020.

Have you ever had to pinch and squeeze a website on your smartphone to read the text?

A mobile , is a website design that works on all devices whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop / laptop computer.

The website code will automatically resize based on device to give your consumers the best possible user experience.

At ilocal SEO we use as our CMS builder because it is SEO friendly to both smartphones and desktop / laptop searches and normally has a responsive theme that can be installed right out of the gate.

Content Optimization for Mobile Searches and Devices

If you are checking off the boxes, have a responsive website, a site that loads fast and is seamless, you are on your way to dominating your competitors when it comes to a Mobile SEO strategy.

So how does a website use a content strategy to increase dwell time and generate more keywords that are being found on both mobile and desktop searches?

Content still remains the king when it comes to .

Google has a philosophy called, “EAT”, or Expertise Authority Trust.

Always ask yourself when reading website content if it’s being written by an expert in that industry, if it’s written in a way that helps answer your original search query on Google, and if you trust what you are reading.

If you can always answer your customers questions through your website, Google will reward you with more website traffic from searches.

Title Tags and Descriptions
When people search on Google and your business shows up in the search results, what the end user sees is a title tag and meta description. Searchers are able to quickly learn about your businesses products or services which will encourage them to click.

This metric is called a “Click Through Ratio” or CTR and is important to look at as well as test different title tags and meta descriptions. Length plays an important role in these tags, so don’t over do it.

How Can ilocal SEO Help Increase Your Presence Online?

ilocal SEO is a that specializes in generating bottom line revenue for businesses looking to increase their digital foothold online.

We have over 10 years of professional SEO experience and have worked with various enterprises from big to small in helping them to generate more qualified leads that convert into sales. To schedule a complimentary 30 minute #SEOConsultation please call (305) 239–8505 or visit us on the web at

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