Improve Your Google Rankings for Miami Searches

One of the most asked question we receive day to day includes,

“How Do We Improve Our Local Ranking on Google”?

As a Miami business owner, it is paramount that your business appears on Google’s local ranking page for people who are searching for businesses like yours and the services that you provide locally.

Local search results also appear when a consumer is located near places of business that are close by their location.

Makes sense right!

Why would a consumer who lives in Miami, FL want to get local search results for a business that is in West Palm Beach unless they implicitly searched for that location?

Google is very smart in determining where you are located and understands the nature of what you are searching for.

There are a few different places on Google that your local search results will appear and they include:

The information that Google displays to prospective and current customers come from many different online sources. Your Google My Business listing should be verified and complete, as well as having up to date business information.

This helps Google with ranking your business better organically and locally.

How to Improve Your Local Rankings on Google

Once you have access to your GMB listing it is important to make sure your business listing is complete with accurate and up to date information. This is important as Google uses this information to show customers what you do, where your business is located at, your hours of operation, the type of business you are and images of your business.

Google will display local results for businesses that are the most relevant for each consumer search; GMB listings that are complete and accurate are much easier to match with the right consumer search.

Online Reviews

Businesses that use their Google My Business listing also have the opportunity to respond to their customer reviews on their listing.

This lets you know how you are doing and any feedback that you need to improve your overall customer experience.

The little secret most local SEO agencies don’t know about is that online reviews actually help your local ranking on Google.

Having customers leave good, positive reviews helps your local visibility as well as increasing the chances that a potential customer will become a patron of your business.

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Image for post
Image of Aluminum in Miramar, FL

Use Images to Increase Local SEO

It is best to use real pictures that are both accurate and appealing; this will help potential customers understand your business better and maybe click on your website or take an action like call you via mobile.

There are different types of photos that you can upload to your GMB listing and they include:

  • Preferred Photo
  • Profile Photo
  • Business Logo
  • Cover Photo
  • Additional Photos

Some of the best practices that will increase your chances of ranking better locally is to use the JPG or PNG file format as well as keeping your image size between 10 kb and 5 mb.

This is really important as a high percentage of people searching locally are doing so on mobile devices — the smaller the image size, the quicker it will load on a mobile device.

It is highly recommended that your images are “raw” and real, and the use of photoshop is “frowned” upon to touch up the photos. The recommended resolution for your business images is 720px tall and 720px wide.

So How Does Google Determine Your Local Ranking

  • Relevance
  • Distance
  • Prominence

These 3 ranking factors combined with images, online reviews, local business listings, your website, and other algorithm factors we do not know about is how Google helps customers match their searches with local rankings.

Google will always try to match the best possible business close by but sometimes they will display a business that is farther away because that business provides a better representation of what you are exactly searching for, so it will rank higher in the local results.

Hope these tips will help your business increase their rankings for Miami keyword searches!

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