Acrylic Chairs from Muniz Plastics

If your home is looking to add an extra touch of modern flair, these custom acrylic chairs from Muniz Plastics are the perfect addition to any table.

Muniz Plastics is one of America’s leading designers and manufactures of Acrylic products that range from Acrylic awards for events to Acrylic chairs, Acrylic table dining sets for your home or office.

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Classic Acrylic Chairs — Muniz Plastics

Every acrylic chair produced by Muniz Plastics, whether custom or standard, is created with care and the utmost close attention to detail.

Every piece is both hand sanded and polished to ensure quality and beauty.

At Muniz Plastics, we only use the highest quality Acrylic available and all of our acrylic furniture is “Made in America”.

Since 1965, Muniz has designed and created high quality Acrylic / Lucite products that continue to impress and satisfy the needs and wants of customers all over the world.

With over 50 years of experience in producing and designing Acrylic furniture, you are sure to be pleased with your new Acrylic chair or other top of the line Acrylic pieces for years to come.

2276 NW 21 Terrace
Miami,Florida — 33142
Phone: (305) 634–8848

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