2FA alternatives to Google Authenticator

Online security is becoming more important today than ever before.

It has become imperative to protect your online accounts and devices using the best security measures.

Due to the challenging task of keeping your accounts and devices safe online, two-factor authentication has become a must.

While most people make use of Google Authenticator to do this, there are many MFA / 2fa alternatives to this as well that can help you keep your online devices and accounts safe and sound.

Alternatives to Google Authenticator App:


One of the most popular and highly effective tools for 2FA is Authy.

It can back up all the saved accounts and store them in the cloud. It is now also available as a desktop app.

In addition to it, the passcode protection feature offered by Authy makes it a great alternative to Google 2FA.

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Sound Login Authenticator

As the name suggests, this tool makes use of sound to generate one-time password for 2 factor authentication.

The system needs a microphone to record audio and a browser extension to be installed in the device.

Hydro Raindrop

Hydrogen is a NYC fintech company that has launched the, “Hydro Raindrop”, an authentication service based on blockchain.

It offers a layer of security that can help verify if the request for access is coming for a genuine and appropriate source or not.

It provides an effective alternative to Google 2 factor authentication and adds an additional layer of security that can help in reducing the instances of data theft and other online safety issues.


Duo is not only visually pleasing but also offers an effective solution for safety issues faced by online accounts and devices.

It offers an iCloud backup and works great even with ordinary landlines and cellphones, and also with Windows Phones and BlackBerry as well.

Cisco is in the process of acquiring Duo.

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If you are looking for passcode protection to prevent snoopers from snooping, then HDE OTP is a great choice.

It works efficiently with all popular service such as Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Amazon Web Services and WordPress etc.

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