Sunrise in Beverly Beach, Florida

To receive your medical marijuana card, you will need to be a resident of Florida or a part time resident and qualify with an existing medical condition.

Patients can schedule a visit with their nearest marijuana doctor and see if medical marijuana can be used as a health treatment.

Your in person consultation with your MMJ doctor will go over your medical history, evaluate your health condition & ailments, and answer any of your questions pertaining to the use medical marijuana as a health treatment.

Qualifying Health Conditions for Florida Medical Marijuana

In the fall of 2016, 71% of Florida voters said, “YES” to medical marijuana under Amendment 2. …

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When was the last time you looked at your smartphone?

5 seconds ago?
5 minutes ago?
50 minutes ago?

Market research shows that the average consumer touches their smartphone about 2,617 times a day. The extreme users touch their smartphones more than 5,400 times a day! It comes out to about 109 times per hour on the low side or 225 times per hour on the high side.

The potential for small business owners to tap into this massive search opportunity through mobile devices is important for brands that are looking to increase their leads and generate more sales in 2020. …

Google uses Quality Signals to rank your website based on their #algorithm. Google looks for these four #SEO signals and others to rank your website:

Is your content readable?

Making sure your content on your website is easy to read and understandable, makes the end user happy and Google, too.

Is your content quality:

Is your website copy factual and provide value to your customer search? Make sure you use Google’s #EAT — expertise, authority, and trust; when it comes to your content writing.

If you answer your customer questions through your website, it will provide a better user experience along with a quality #SEOSignal to your website.

How is your #backlink portfolio looking like?

Backlinks are still a signal to ranking on Google and measuring the number of external sources are linking back to your content is important. …

Running a restaurant anywhere in the world has to be one of the most stressful jobs around.

Consistency of customer service and the quality of the food they serve is paramount. One mess up and a picky eater could leave a negative review online.

Making sure customers are coming in to dine and phone calls are being generated for delivery, take out, or Uber Eats, Delivery Dudes, or GrubHub adds to the stress of being a restaurant owner or general manager.

Customers want to see an active online presence for restaurants.

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Are you posting images to your local listings?

Are you utilizing available social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to share your restaurant specials?

Online security is becoming more important today than ever before.

It has become imperative to protect your online accounts and devices using the best security measures.

Due to the challenging task of keeping your accounts and devices safe online, two-factor authentication has become a must.

While most people make use of Google Authenticator to do this, there are many MFA / 2fa alternatives to this as well that can help you keep your online devices and accounts safe and sound.

Alternatives to Google Authenticator App:


One of the most popular and highly effective tools for 2FA is Authy.

It can back up all the saved accounts and store them in the cloud. It is now also available as a desktop app. …

One of the most asked question we receive day to day includes,

“How Do We Improve Our Local Ranking on Google”?

As a Miami business owner, it is paramount that your business appears on Google’s local ranking page for people who are searching for businesses like yours and the services that you provide locally.

Local search results also appear when a consumer is located near places of business that are close by their location.

Makes sense right!

Why would a consumer who lives in Miami, FL want to get local search results for a business that is in West Palm Beach unless they implicitly searched for that location? …

When was the last time you played the game of darts with your marketing?

You invest $15k on an ad in an industry trade journal. You pray and hope the phone rings.

You drop another $65k on a booth in another state for an industry trade show. You think Doug and his Sales Team might have some better luck this year than the last 5 years or so you’ve gone to this industry trade show.

They come back with “some” decent leads that generally don’t get “anywhere” or are the wrong types of leads in the first place.

You spend another $20k on printing that fancy pitch deck, service catalog, or promo material; hoping your potential prospects are going to buy from you with your “Sizzle“. …

If you are looking to add a little modern appeal to your home or office, these “American” made acrylic ghost chairs from Muniz Plastics in Miami, FL is the right choice for you.

They are made out of a strong acrylic polycarbonate that makes these acrylic ghosts chairs pretty much indestructible.

Acrylic Chairs

If you are looking for various styles, designs, and colors for your Ghost Chair — the Muniz Furniture line of “Ghost Chairs” has got you covered.

Whether you need a ghost chair for your office or living room, these beautiful acrylic pieces of furniture will complement your living space!

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Acrylic Ghost Chairs with Arms from Muniz Plastics

Muniz Plastics

2276 NW 21st Terrace
Miami, FL 33142
(305) 634–8848

If your home is looking to add an extra touch of modern flair, these custom acrylic chairs from Muniz Plastics are the perfect addition to any table.

Muniz Plastics is one of America’s leading designers and manufactures of Acrylic products that range from Acrylic awards for events to Acrylic chairs, Acrylic table dining sets for your home or office.

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Classic Acrylic Chairs — Muniz Plastics

Every acrylic chair produced by Muniz Plastics, whether custom or standard, is created with care and the utmost close attention to detail.

Every piece is both hand sanded and polished to ensure quality and beauty.

At Muniz Plastics, we only use the highest quality Acrylic available and all of our acrylic furniture is “Made in America”. …


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